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Whorey Student


Do you at all times put on undergarments, Megan?
“Sure, just about at all times. If I don’t, my jewel will paw on my denim and I’m going to get all red-hot and . If I get too revved on, I’m going to get a humungous raw spot on my denim, and sans any undies directly to douse it up it might downright depart a raw spot.”

If you find yourself out in public, how do you sundress?
“Whorey! I in most cases put on a cock-squeezing whip sans a boulder-holder so that you bum witness my rigid puffies thru my t-shirt. And I put on little jeans cut-offs so the derriere of my bum drapes out the derriere.”

How do you sense now that you are capturing porno?
“Superb! Porno has opened my eyes to such a lot of issues, like my sexual appeal to dolls. Now I enjoy hooking up with dolls.”

Date: August 25, 2021

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